Your digital world is at risk.

How do we know? The numbers show that most (84%, to be exact) hackers use personal information gleaned from social media profiles in performing cybercrime.

This means that it’s the information we are sharing online that is putting us at risk of identity theft, fraud, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, and other forms of online abuse.

The good news is that each of us holds the key to a safer digital world: smarter online sharing.

We aren’t suggesting you stop sharing altogether. In fact, we believe in the awesome power of sharing.

We’re suggesting you take a few simple steps to share more safely. Because when you share safely you become a more difficult target, and hackers are more likely to move on to the next, easier target.

So, in the name of safe online sharing, Hueya put together a helpful infographic with 10 ways to share more safely.

Click below to get the free infographic and start sharing safely today:


In Spanish, too!