The three most dangerous words in digital security are: “I’m probably safe”.

In context, these 3 words aren’t unlike the most dangerous words in insurance or personal safety. Two areas where we’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars on insurance, locks, and security systems all in the name of protecting our health and well-being.

Why aren’t we willing to do the same for our online world?

Until now there really hasn’t been a good option for online protection. Sure, companies like LifeLock do some helpful things, but they’re mostly focused on credit monitoring and risk transference (as opposed to risk mitigation).

For too long personal digital security has lagged behind cybercriminal advancement. Before Hueya there simply wasn’t a company focused on digital security for individuals, so “I’m probably safe” became an acceptable answer.

What can we do differently?

The simple answer is to contact a Hueya Security Advisor (email me at Those of us who work with Hueya customers everyday are trained to protect your online safety as well as possess highly innovative tools to keep you protected going forward.

In the meantime, here are some other helpful ways to protect yourself:

  • Check privacy setting on every social media post before hitting send. Who can see it? What personal information are you sharing? How might this information be used against you?
  • Assess your followers/friends…are they all real people? Do any seem to be imposters or fake profiles? Remember, those fake profiles weren’t created for no reason–they’re often used to collect data.
  • Be wary about sharing location data as it can put both your digital and physical safety at risk.
  • Change your most important passwords (email, online shopping, online banking, social media, etc.) regularly. Every month, if possible.
So what’s the point?

The point is “I’m probably safe” can transform into “I am safe” with a little effort and attention. Just like you protect your house with locks or your body with seat belts, you can protect your digital world and prevent cybercrime from happening to you and your family.

P.S. Have you heard we’re launching new features this week? A family plan so parents can help protect their kids and an imposter search for facebook. Click here to sign up for an account!