There are a lot of risks in the online dating world. Risks to both your personal safety and digital privacy. This week Hueya looks at ways to stay safe so you can take advantage of the benefits of dating online while lessening the inherent dangers.


Take these three steps to be safer on Tinder:

  1. Don’t connect other social media: One of the biggest mistakes many make is linking multiple social media platforms together. Take Instagram and Tinder, for example. When linked anyone who comes across your dating profile (even men/women you haven’t matched with) can gain access to your public Instagram account. And, if you tag locations in your Instagram posts, this same person suddenly has access to your locations–maybe even your current location–putting your physical safety at risk. Yes, sharing pictures on Tinder is a fun feature, but is it really worth the danger to your personal safety?
  2. Is your date real or fake: Anyone with a social presence has run into this problem at some point: imposter friends, fake follow requests, questionable profiles. It’s no different on dating sites like Tinder. So how do you protect yourself and make sure a person is real? For starters, never give out your personal information (like a phone number) until you’ve gained some context for the person. In other words, ask questions and pay attention to their answers. Protect yourself until you’re confident the person is real.
  3. Don’t overshare: There are people out there who want to use our information to hurt us. They want to steal our identity or commit cyber abuse. The key to avoiding this is being mindful about what your share. Only share personal information (like your full name, birthday, and phone number) when you’re confident you can trust the person you’re sharing it with.

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