At Hueya, we’re always looking for small ways to make a BIG difference in online privacy, as taking small steps can be the difference in a safe and unsafe digital presence.

This week we’re looking at ways parents can go a step deeper to ensure their kids are safe on social media.

Who’s following your kids on Snapchat/Instagram?

  • There are A LOT of fake social media accounts out there. Who is following your kids? Remember: these fake accounts exist for a reason. Know who is following your kids!

Know the the tell-tale signs that an account is fake or inappropriate:

  • What sort of images are posted? Are they appropriate. There are a lot of accounts on Instagram in particular with inappropriate images.
  • Does a Facebook account have a low number of friends (below 100)? Are all their photos of an individual without friends, acquaintances, etc.?
  • If you or your child gets a request you think may be an impostor: Do a reverse Google image search of the user’s profile picture to see if it’s being used other places or stolen from another account.

Facebook Post Privacy: only me, friends, friends of friends, or everyone?

  • Facebook has more privacy options than other social sites. Meaning that, even if your kid’s friend list is well managed, if their posts are available to the public then they are available to ANYONE, ANYWHERE. Talk to your kids about their privacy settings. It’s important.
  • Facebook also has a “Limit Old Posts” button that automatically changes old posts to “friends only”. This is a great tool for making sure your kids Facebook account is safe.

Instagram Profile:

  • Is your child’s profile public or private? Setting a profile to public means they can be found by ANYONE, ANYTIME.

Know how to “Report Abuse”:

  • Social media sites typically have ways for users to report issues like fake or inappropriate accounts or unwanted contact. It’s important to know where to find these tools and talking to kids about when and how to use them. Find Facebook’s “Report a Problem” here.

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