It’s no longer realistic for anyone to ignore the digital world. Across the board, cybercrime is on the rise–even for those who don’t have a significant online presence.

You don’t even have to have personal social media accounts to be at risk, rather, as long as your clients have something to lose (financial, reputation, etc.), they’re a potential target. Their financial assets are a target.

At Hueya, we’ve done exhaustive research and discovered 5 ways wealth managers can protect their client’s assets by protecting their digital presence:

  1. Password protection:
    • Hueya suggests using a password manager. These apps allow users to generate powerful passwords for their online accounts while only having to remember one strong password. (For Hueya’s suggestions, contact us at
  2. Protect social media accounts and watch for imposters
    • What often goes unacknowledged in our social world is the part sharing (and oversharing) plays in putting users at risk. It’s often the information they share (or is shared about them) that leads to crimes like identity theft and fraud, and protecting the privacy of social accounts plays a major role in cybercrime prevention.
  3. Educate clients on cybercriminal tricks:
    • Keeping clients constantly aware of the manipulative tools criminals use is a key foundation to keeping them protected. Providing continuous education can make a huge difference. (For more info on this, contact us at
  4. Dark web and account breach scans:
    • When information is lost, it often shows up on the dark web or as part of account (email) data breaches. Monitoring the dark web and account breaches can catch a potential problem before it leads to the loss of assets or identities.
  5. You are a gateway:
    • As a money manager, if your information is at risk, it could put clients at risk too. Using these first four steps to protect your information means you’re protecting your client’s information as well.

Cyber security and building wealth are both about managing risk. You’re taking care of the wealth creation piece, but, with the tools outlined above, you can also protect that wealth from the dangers of cybercrime.

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