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5 Easy Ways To Secure Your Facebook Account

Hueya recently launched a new service–Personal Security Advisor–to assist families and individuals securing their Facebook accounts.

This service engages a number of strategies to improve user safety: from 2-factor authentication to updating social media privacy settings.

Over the course of developing this service, the security team at Hueya noticed a trend: social media users tend to have the same issues pop-up that lead to insecure accounts.

Today, we’re giving you a special look into what we’ve learned with 5 easy ways to improve your Facebook security:

Delete Unused Facebook Apps:

One of the trends we’ve noticed is the number of Facebook users sharing their personal information with 3rd party vendors. Vendors who may or may not be taking appropriate precautions to protect this information. We suggest deleting all associated apps except those you use on a regular basis.

Remove Facebook Relationships or Set to “Friends Only”:

While they may seem harmless, connected relationships on Facebook (mother, father, sister, brother, etc.) can leak a lot of personal data about you. First, it provides Facebook a lot of information about who you are, what your interests and preferences are, and helps them sell advertisements to you. It’s also great information for hackers and identity thieves as the more they know, the more personalized their attacks can be…

Limit Past Posts Button:

Facebook doesn’t admit this, but when you change the privacy to public on one post–say you share something work related–this updates your privacy setting for all posts going forward). The good news is Facebook has a “Limit Past Posts” button under “Privacy Settings and Tools” that let’s you return all past posts to “Friends Only”. A great tool for quickly improving your privacy.

Turn off Ad Personalization:

Tired of Facebook and other companies tracking you in order to sell you things you probably don’t need? Turn off ad personalization!

Turn off Search Engine linking:

One of the easiest ways for your profile to be discovered by those outside your social circle is through Google. We suggest turning off Search Engine linking in an effort to make it more difficult for hackers and identity thieves to find your profile!

Keep in mind, while this list is a great first step toward improved online security for your Facebook account, it’s only a first step. To truly secure your Facebook account you’ll need to take further steps.


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