The New Dimension of Cybersecurity: Securing the Human

[us_testimonial author=”Cynthia” company=”Family Plan”]It was an absolute pleasure working with Hueya! My Security Advisor was courteous, respectful, and happy to walk me through the process at a pace I was comfortable with. Most of all, I feel like my family and I are safer. Thanks Hueya![/us_testimonial]
lewis howell online privacy


Founder & CEO

Lewis started hacking away on a Commodore 64 in 1984. It was this early exposure to technology that lit the fire that would come to define his passion for security and technology. A passion that would lead him through the Dotcom era and land jobs at Fortune 10 to Fortune 5000 companies. Lewis has held roles from Systems Engineer to CIO, started multiple companies in the IT & Security space, and taught at the college level. His passion for security research, hacking, and pushing the limits of the interconnected world synthesized to form Hueya. Through Hueya, Lewis is bringing a new paradigm of security tools and security research to market with the intent of making organization, people and families safer online.

Ryan Palo


Lead Developer

With over six years of programming experience, Ryan bridges the gap between front and back-end development. Ryan is passionate about great user experience and enjoys exploring new technologies & libraries. He is a builder and tinkerer at heart, as well as an avid Python enthusiast. When not in front of a computer, Ryan is usually out riding pow or climbing at his favorite crag, Smith Rock.