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Back to School: Getting Serious about Protecting My Family Online

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Summer days are coming to an end and youth are heading back to classrooms, after school sports and activities, and the complexity of peer relationships. As parents, we watch them leave and hope the messages of safety, friendship, responsibility, and ethics go with them.

But still, we worry, because that’s what parents do.

Over the summer, Hueya conducted surveys and interviews with families–including parents, youth, and grandparents–to better understand your needs and concerns for your family online. While differences among age groups are expected, several consistent themes across groups emerged.

They point to our shared experiences more than our differences:

  • Social media and technology allows us to connect with one another in meaningful ways:
    • Youth, their parents, and grandparents all expressed appreciation for the way in which social media and technology have fostered connections with family and friends.
  • Privacy for our family online is a complex endeavor but one worth actively protecting:
    • Across all generations, privacy concerns were clear, and individuals were committed to having the right to privacy while also feeling that their personal information was safe from harm.
  • Protecting reputation, dignity, and personal information is of primary interest:
    • All survey respondents noted concerns for misuse of information in a manner that could jeopardize their personal, social, and professional presence.

What this means for families:

As Anne Collier has noted, the age of “Internet Safety” has moved on, and we are moving well into a time of digital literacy, which involves social, emotional, and digital learning for our family online.

As we learn about how to safely, proactively, and meaningfully engage online, we have to have reliable tools in place that allow us to connect with assurance and confidence. This is precisely where Hueya’s software plays a critical role in families’ overall digital wellness. Becoming a Hueya Safe user means having the support and confidence to be proactive and empowered in a digital world.

In addition to our proprietary software, Hueya has developed extensive resources to support individuals and families in their commitment toward digital literacy, privacy, and prevention.

With many youth headed back to school, we’ve developed two awesome infographics for parents as they enter into complex conversations with their families around social media and technology use.

Download infographic for FREE today: