We were excited to be a part of Episode 02 of Cybercast Oregon:

“You may feel a twinge of guilt as you mindlessly hit “Agree” to yet another endless stretch of legal garble known as “Terms of Service” – hoping you’re not signing away anything too important. And besides, researchers estimate it would take 76 hours a year to read all the user agreements we’re offered.

But whether you’re downloading a fresh app or activating a new device, odds are you’ve just agreed to be surveilled in some way.

When the tech is so addictive, the apps so fun, and the programs so useful, it’s hard to turn them down at the price of our privacy. So we sign it away all the time, reasoning that, at worst, we’ll just receive more targeted ads.

This short-term reasoning flies in the face of a recent Pew Research study indicating the vast majority of Americans say controlling who has access to their information is “very important” to them. This the “privacy paradox” – agreeing to trade our information against the chance that our data will be collected, sold, and used to profit those interested in meddling with our lives, choices and freedoms.

It’s a gamble in a game nearly every technology user agrees to play. So – aside from opting out entirely – what can we do?”

Read more and listen to the episode here: http://prp.fm/cybercast-oregon-episode-02-the-privacy-paradox/