One of the questions we are constantly asking ourselves at Hueya is, “what are we learning?” In fact, it’s a question Lewis, our CEO, constantly asks us as employees and the company as a whole. One thing we’ve noticed is that we–as a population–are dangerously overexposed online. In fact, we’ve found that somewhere north of 85% of users are sharing enough data to put themselves at risk of cyber-crime.

85% is a lot of people and a lot of opportunity for cybercriminals.

It’s with this in mind that Hueya is taking part in National Data Privacy Day this week (January 28th), because, not only is privacy our passion at Hueya, but we also have the data to back up what we’ve long believed–that many of us are at very real risk. And this risk is costing us money, time, and reputation.

So what are some ways individuals can take part in the privacy celebration?
  1. On each social account you have, delete one piece of personal data you don’t need to be sharing. Some examples include: education, work, hometown info, as well as birth year and email address.
  2. Protect, protect, protect your location. We cannot express this often enough: location data puts you at significant risk. And, when it comes to location data, the risk is no longer simply digital…it’s a physical safety issue, too. Make a pledge to no longer tag locations on your social posts!
  3. Check your post privacy setting on Facebook. Click here to change this setting to “friends” (Hueya’s suggested safest option). This is MUCH safer than sharing publicly or even with “friends of friends”.

Every small thing you do can make a significant impact on your privacy and make you safer from cyber-crime. In other words, privacy isn’t a zero-sum game–little steps make a big difference. What better time to take these steps than during the National Data Privacy Day celebration?