gital It’s time to determine for ourselves what our [information] exposure will be, so that when the sun shines on our footprints we’ll like what we’ve left behind.

Every step we take, every person we meet, every doorknob we touch leaves a little part of us behind. And nowhere is this truer than in the digital world. Whether it’s social media or the cloud or online purchasing, a little piece of our identity remains behind each time we venture online.

And yet, it’s so easy to forget these footprints. Or maybe it’s easier to simply ignore them?

Honestly, I think this is true of most people. The internet (and I use internet to describe the whole of the digital world) feels so big and scary it seems easier to act like it’s some wild, untamed place we can enter at our leisure and leave without any risk or consequences. It’s easier to act like the moment we close a web page our presence there no longer exists.

The reality is the internet isn’t nearly as private as most of us hope (or assume) it to be. Each term we search, website we browse, document we save on the cloud, or picture we post of our family on social media leaves behind a digital footprint. A footprint that, when paired with other footprints, could be used to hack any number of accounts, steal our identity, etc.