Have you ever considered your motivations for sharing about yourself online?

The answer for me is multi-layered.

For one, sharing gives me an opportunity to enter into complex questions. To say things aloud and be challenged brings with it growth and thought-development.

There is also something of self-discovery in sharing online. When I experience others experiencing me I learn something of myself. I have the opportunity to see what others see and choose how and if I will let this impact me.

The key piece in all of this is that I have a choice. A choice to change. A choice of how I present myself. A choice around how involved I am in the digital world.

But what if this was no longer the case? What if such choice was lost? This reality may not be as far off as your think.

You see, with each move we make on the internet we leave behind a trace–what we call a “digital footprint”. These footprints are small and often relatively insignificant, but over time the marks we leave behind can add up. They can create a picture of who we are.

In fact, a recent article published by The Guardian states, “researchers at the University of Cambridge successfully used Facebook likes to identify not only personality but gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation and religious affiliation. The same has been done on Twitter”.

That’s right, all those clicks, all those likes, all the “little” choices made in the digital world add up to something: they add up to you.

Right now, many of us believe we control how we present ourselves online. We share what we are comfortable sharing and hold back what we are not. Unfortunately, the digital age we find ourselves in isn’t that simple, and we don’t have near the control we believe we have.

In the face of this reality, what can be done?

For one, we can increase awareness of how the digital age is changing privacy and our understanding of it. Two, we can change our level of awareness of our own exposure. For example, what data exists about us, where does it exist, and how can it be used in potentially harmful ways?

As the leader in preventative cyber security, Hueya is uniquely positioned to help you remain in control of your digital privacy. The best thing you can do to start this process is contacting us today! It’s never too soon to start protecting your digital world.