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Secure Your Location: Don’t Nap on Snap Map

You might have noticed recently Snapchat added a new feature: Snap Map.

Snap Map lets you and your friends/contacts see your location–not unlike the “Find My Friends” app on iOS.

While a seemingly fun feature for keeping tabs on your friends, Snap Map also has the potential to be highly dangerous. Especially if a friend loses or has their phone stolen, potentially leaving your location available to those who might be dangerous.

This is an important reminder, especially for kids: giving away your location can put you physically at risk. It’s really important to be careful who you share this information with.

Thankfully, Snap has chosen to make Snap Map optional, meaning it only turns on if you do so willingly.

However, Hueya suggests being proactive about which apps are allowed to view your location. On iPhone this can be done by going to:

Settings–>Privacy–>Location Services–>Snapchat–>Never

By taking this easy step you’ll be safe if, at some point in the future, Snap Map is no longer optional. It’s also a really easy step that can be taken for other apps that don’t need to be tracking your location–Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for example.

For more suggestions on safe online sharing check out our infographic:

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