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What Happens Next? Your Security After The Equifax Breach

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Several people have been asking me about my thoughts on today’s news about Equifax’s massive data breach. So, here is my statement which the media also has my permission to use:

“Massive data breaches like today’s news of the breach at Equifax which has impacted 143 million consumers have become so common that many people are essentially numb to them. But the Equifax breach is of epic proportions and potentially devastating if you are among those impacted.  The solution that Equifax is offering up is hardly comforting since you won’t know for weeks or months if you’re impacted. A better solution is real-time monitoring of your online presence to see if anyone is using your information inappropriately. It’s important for consumers to get vigilant about their online privacy going forward. At Hueya, our goal is to protect individuals and families from cybercrime. Our state-of-the-art software allows you to quickly scan social media, analyze your risk, make quick adjustments, and move on to other things while we continuously monitor your accounts to keep you and your family safe.”

– Lewis Howell, Founder & CEO, Hueya, Inc. (www.hueya.io)

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