fake facebook followers

Curating Your Followers: Fake Facebook Accounts

There are 83 million fake Facebook accounts, according to CNN.

It’s important to note that these fake accounts exist for a reason.

Actually, they exist for many reasons. From identity theft to fraud to cyberstalking, none of the reasons are positive.

If you’re already at higher risk online or have experienced one of the above, curating your friends and followers can be an important step toward improved online safety.

Today we’re going to look at 3 quick ways to quickly tell if an account is fake:

  1. Look at their profile picture:
    1. Is there only one photo? Do their photos look too perfect or touched up? These can be signs of a fake account.
    2. You can also do a quick Google Image search to see if it’s a photo is owned by someone else.
  2. Check out their posted photos:
    1. Do they include friends? If the bulk of their photos only include one person it may be a sign they aren’t real.
  3. Take a closer look at what they’re sharing:
    1. Fake accounts often don’t create original content–they simply repost/reshare other’s content. Lots of resharing is a sign of a fake account.

Our security team has two important suggestions regarding fake social media accounts:

  • Deny fake account friend/follow requests:
    • Don’t just ignore them. Deny, delete, and move on.
    • We’d also suggest reporting these accounts to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so they can’t cause anyone else harm!
  • Curate friends/followers 3 times per year:
    • We suggest going through all your friends and followers a few times each year to ensure they are real and deleting/blocking any that seem suspicious.
    • Also, don’t forget Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Twitter!

Protecting the privacy of your personal information is important and curating your social media friends and followers is a great step in keeping this information secure.

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