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Personal Privacy Company Seeks to Promote Collaboration Between Parents/Kids

Bend, OR: Today Hueya, the leader in cyber-crime prevention software, released Hueya Family, personal privacy software built to assist parents in making their families safer online.

Hueya’s family platform protects parent’s and kid’s privacy on social media, the open web, and the dark web through a three-step process. The software assesses each family member’s risk level, provides tools for increased privacy, and alerts both parents and kids to changes in exposure. Families will get access to Hueya’s  full suite of privacy tools as well as:

  • Family Dashboard: entire family’s digital health located in one place
  • Social Magnetism: watch for volatility within a family’s digital world
  • Situational Awareness: watch for digital behavior which puts family at risk

Lewis Howell, Founder & CEO of Hueya, had this to say about the release, “Protecting families is at the core of Hueya’s mission, so we are excited to release this powerful software for protecting the privacy of families. The statistics show kids are at higher risk of many forms of cybercrime. It’s our mission to help parents create digital balance in their family through collaboration rather than monitoring and snooping.”

About Hueya: Hueya is the leader in cybercrime prevention software. Hueya’s state of the art software allows users to take control of their online identity and proactively protect their family’s online world. Own your digital presence. Find out more at