Securing Families Through Mindful Connection

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Families are Facing New Territory

At Hueya, we’re working with families to better understand the challenges, concerns, and opportunities faced in a digital world. As we collaborate to understand how to balance our digital lives and our most meaningful relationships, we embrace the most fundamental of family commitments–to protect one another.

In collaboration with families, we are designing tools and software to help protect personal privacy. In addition, we offer resources and guidance for families to gain increased visibility and confidence in their digital wellness.

Family Tech Agreements

Going beyond a list of dos and don’ts to create a family tech agreement based on connection and mindfulness

Ages of Technology

An in-depth look at the impact of technology across development from early childhood to the tween/teen years

Support & Resources

Download posters, infographics, and helpful tip lists for keeping your family connected and safe on social media and devices

Ready to Secure Your Family's Digital World?

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