Family Support:

As families continue to grow and learn together about the vast opportunities and challenges online, Hueya offers additional support for family technology agreements.

Software that Supports Family Privacy and Security


Privacy is a lifelong right, and it begins right now: as families create technology agreements, Hueya can help to support efforts to protect and restore reputation and personal privacy. Whether it’s reviewing past activity on social media channels or learning about new ways to share experiences while protecting personal information, Hueya provides tools for families to extend their online safety measures.

Social Media Protection and Lifelines


Social media management is both critical and time consuming. Keeping an eye on family members’ pages, posts, feeds, etc. reveals trends, and potential signs of cyber abuse, including identity theft. Hueya offers extensive tools to watch social media, which allows family members to engage in online interactions with increased confidence.

Holistic Family Digital Privacy


As families build technology agreements together, Hueya offers digital privacy considerations to include, and families can explore the Hueya safety tools as a way to ensure whole-family privacy protection. While technology agreements support the family from within, Hueya extends this effort from the outside in.

Ready to Secure Your Family's Digital World?

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