“I don’t think I want to know EVERYTHING that’s out there about me”, Derek said. “It seems overwhelming. Like there’s too much and I can’t fix any of it”.

And who could blame him for feeling this way? The digital world is a scary place with a lot of uncertainty and so much to lose.

Derek was an early Hueya customer. A customer who wasn’t afraid to acknowledge the very real fear he felt. And this fear told him it was better to hide and act like there wasn’t a problem than to risk finding out something he didn’t want to know.

Eventually Derek pushed through his fear and went through our software. He ran his Hueya Score, went through our remediation process, and set up alert monitoring. And, in the process, increased his Hueya Score by 180 points–quickly moving from “unsafe” to “safe”.

What was most amazing was Derek’s response after seeing his score improve drastically.

He said, “I was so scared before about what I might find. But Hueya didn’t just show me what’s out there, they helped me make adjustments so I could rest easy. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders”.

Derek isn’t the only success story, but he is a great example of the benefits of Hueya. Because we aren’t selling fear. We’re selling confidence. We’re selling the tools to keep you safe online.

Do you feel the way Derek felt before he tried Hueya? We get it. That’s why behind every Hueya Score is a dedicated Security Advisor ready to walk you through the process and calm your fears.

Join us on the other side: a place we like to call Digital Freedom.