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Privacy Company Suggests Users are Safer When They Own Their Digital Identity

Bend, OR:

Today Hueya, the leader in online security tools for families, announces users are safer online when they own their digital identity and secure it, rather than deleting or deactivating accounts such as Facebook.

It’s a significant statement as many would suggest removing your presence from social media to protect privacy and avoid scams. However, Hueya finds this simply opens the door for scammers to use and abuse your online identity.

In fact, users are safer when they own their digital presence and secure it using online security tools such as those Hueya’s software provides. By taking control of personal information and making it difficult for imposter accounts to succeed in scams, social media users actually make themselves and those around them safer.

Lewis Howell, Founder & CEO of Hueya, had this to say, “I liken it to owning a house–you don’t sell off everything you own because it might get stolen from your home. You buy a lock or an alarm system. Our digital house is no different. It requires security systems be in place to secure it from trespassers. Your digital identity exists, own it and secure it as you would your home.”

About Hueya: Hueya is the leader in online safety tools for your family. Hueya’s state of the art software allows users to take control of their online identity and proactively secure their family’s online world. Own your digital presence. Find out more at