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Protect Your Social Media Privacy: Instagram-to-Facebook Posts

At Hueya, we’re always digging into social media privacy settings and profile sharing to find ways to keep you safer.

One thing we found recently is posting from Instagram to Facebook isn’t quite as seamless, or safe, as it might seem.

When you 1) create a post in Instagram, 2) tag a location, and 3) share it to Facebook, you can’t go back later and remove the location tag from the Facebook post. In fact, your only option is to totally delete the post from Facebook.

This isn’t true for the original Instagram post or something you post directly to Facebook–only for posts to Facebook coming from Instagram.

Why does this matter?

  1. Location tags can be dangerous: Not only do they put your online world at risk, but your physical safety at risk as well. Especially if the post is from a place you frequent often– what if someone gets overzealous and shows up at your office or favorite coffeeshop looking for you?
  2. You lose control over your privacy: by adding a location tag to an Instagram-to-Facebook post you’re losing control if you want to go back later and delete the location. The concern is that your online security needs could change. Down the road, it may be important to remove location data from social media and you’d be stuck having to totally delete certain posts.

What can be done?

  1. Ensure your Facebook privacy settings are up-to-date and your posts are available only to friends. Location data, while still a potential concern, is less dangerous when you’re only sharing posts with friends.
    • NOTE: Be sure to go through your friend list and delete anyone you don’t know. Curating your friend list (and therefore who sees what you post) is a great way to improve online safety.
  2. Manually post to Facebook rather than sharing through Instagram. Taking this extra step will provide more control over your posts now and in the future if you choose to make changes.
  3. Don’t tag locations: This is the best advice Hueya’s security team can provide. Location tagging brings a new element into online safety, because it’s not just about identity risk and potential fraud–it’s a matter of personal, physical safety.

At Hueya, we’re always thinking creatively about online safety and how to keep users safe, because it’s often the little quirks in social media sharing that can put you at risk.

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