For most of us technology is a rather new phenomena. We didn’t grow up on social media or with the internet close at hand. Maybe we had a MySpace page, AOL Instant Messenger, or a Napster account, but our online world was rather contained. We grew up before the dotcom explosion and transitioned into the internet world later in life.

Unlike our children, our childhood wasn’t consumed by an online world. We got to choose when we created an online presence (and some of us are still trying to hold out).

Today’s kids don’t have the same choices. They are growing up in a world that is already online. It’s part of their basic existence. Their first words are often heard through digital devices used as baby monitors. Their toys are connected to the internet. Their social lives exist partially (often in large part) online from day one.

For kids today the online world isn’t a choice. It’s thrust upon them.

So when Hueya dove into the family online privacy world we did it in a totally different way than other family protection companies. For Hueya, protecting kid’s privacy isn’t about invasive monitoring or snooping but about creating digital balance for families. We believe deeply in creating space for conversations and engagement between parents and their kids and as a result building trust through relationships.

There are a lot of reasons we’ve chosen to focus our energy this way, not the least of which is that we recognize kids are in a really tough position. They didn’t choose to be born into a digital world. A world where social and digital pressure is a constant force to act cool, post fun pictures, share more and more. The reality  is, pressures in life are coming from a lot of different directions, so personal online privacy and safety can too easily get moved to the backburner.

That’s a scary premise for many parents, and understandably so. However, Hueya doesn’t believe the problem of child online safety can be fixed through invasive tools (like most of our competitors), but through honest conversation and family transparency.

We know it isn’t easy being a parent. Keeping kids safe is a 24/7/365 job. We also realize it isn’t easy being a kid. They need our protection, sure, but there is also much to gain from engaging them in the process. Online privacy is only going to get more complex in the coming decades, so developing healthy privacy habits now is more important than ever. It’s a gift we as parents can give our children while they are young, and Hueya can help. We built our social media monitoring tool catered to you; a parent working to keep your family safer online in the ever growing complex digital world.