Commitment to Mindful Connections:


What is it?

Mindful Connections is a voluntary pledge made by organizations, which support youth and families, to promote digital wellness through a shared commitment to online safety and digital mentorship. The pledge prioritizes a commitment to learning, developing resilience, strengthening moral and ethical dispositions, and supporting youth as they learn to participate in a digital world.


Who should take the pledge?

Any organization with a mission to serve youth and families should consider taking the pledge. This applies to after school, sports and recreation, education, mentoring, and enrichment programs. By taking the pledge toward mindful connectivity, organizations extend their commitment to supporting children and families’ wellness to the digital world.


How does it work?

Organizations can take the pledge as a part of a larger effort to support families and youth in their online endeavors. By taking the pledge, organizations agree to work within the guidelines of the pledge as they engage directly with families and youth online and as they create digital education and awareness content directed at families and youth.

Commitment to Mindful Connections Principles:

  1. Above all, we shall not cause harm to youth and their families. We shall not participate in digital behaviors that cause emotional pain, are disrespectful, degrading, dangerous, intimidating, or exploitative of youth and families.
  2. We shall take active measures to educate, mentor, and support youth as they navigate complexities that come with living in a digital world.
  3. We will support youth in their emerging understandings of the moral and ethical responsibilities inherent in online and digital practices.
  4. We shall embrace growth mindsets and the understanding that youth are emerging in their skills of participation in a digital community and that they need our guidance to make safe decisions online.
  5. We shall support the right of youth and families to maintain privacy of their personal lives, interests, and activities.
  6. We shall support youth in their growing understanding of conscientious habits of connectivity.
  7. We shall honor that technology offers a meaningful space for youth to address developmental needs such as social connections and identity development, and we will support their efforts to safely engage in a digital world.
  8. We will cultivate a community in which adults and youth take shared responsibility to honor, respect and protect one another’s sensitive information.

Learn more about how your organization can take the pledge:

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