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Privacy Company Working to Secure Oregon Companies and Residents from Cybercrime

Bend, OR: In the coming weeks, Oregon’s state government will vote on a piece of legislation aimed at improving the state’s cybersecurity efforts. SB-90 calls for the centralization of the state’s cybersecurity infrastructure, aims to promote cybersecurity awareness and training, and creates the Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory Council.

Hueya has been intimately involved throughout the process, with CEO Lewis Howell testifying twice before committees of the state government. Hueya’s involvement has come out of a desire both to protect the public from cybercrime and a belief that issues surrounding cybersecurity must be engaged at all levels–including state government. This bipartisan issue is of great importance to the state as it moves to a vote later this week. Hueya recommends all constituents push for a yes vote from their legislators.

Lewis Howell, Founder & CEO of Hueya, had this to say about SB-90, “My passion for engaging these types of issues goes back even before Hueya was founded, but it’s also why I founded Hueya: because cybercrime is getting out of control and we must secure our people and our organizations. That’s why I have been so intimately involved in fighting for SB-90. It’s important that we engage all avenues–government, private sector, non-profits–in the fight against cybercrime. We’re proud to be part of the group working with Oregon’s government on this bill.”

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