At Hueya, Inc., we take your privacy very seriously. In fact, we have built a business around that whole idea. Our goal is to help you better protect and safeguard your personal and private information online.

Your Data & Information


It’s your data

The data that we process is your data – we don’t sell it or share it.


You are in control

At any time, you can delete your account – and we delete any and all data from our system.


Personally Identifiable Information

All of the data we process is already in the public domain. We don’t harvest, snoop or capture any additional data about you. You decide what to process, and we help you decide how to better secure and safeguard that information.

Site Analytics

We use the following tools to help us better understand web traffic and traffic patterns to better serve our customers.


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to help us better understand traffic (add, organic and paid) to and from our site and application. Personal data collected: Cookie and Usage Data. Place of processing: USA. Find Google’s privacy policy here.


Facebook Analytics

We use Facebook Analytics to help us better understand the traffic that comes from our Facebook and/or Facebook ads.