Steven Morgan tells it like it is in his recent article on CSO Online: “5 worst cybersecurity habits with catastrophic consequences.” I agree with Steve and appreciate his concise and to-the-point recommendations.

  1. ‘Lax attitude’: Dead on – we are all guilty of this: “It will not happen to me, but it has happened to a lot of people I know.” It will happen to you if you do not take responsibility for what you post, what you expose and where your information lives. Once you take responsibility for your digital identity and security you can relax!
  2. No email protection: Steve is right, 2-factor authentication is too easy to setup and a pretty good safeguard. Don’t let anyone hijack your email – turn on 2 factor authentication. Before you do this, update your passwords and make sure that your accounts have not been breached already.
  3. Don’t click on links in emails: Steve nailed it. It really is this easy – DO NOT CLICK on links in emails. Never. I don’t care who it is from, don’t click it.
  4. Password policies: Don’t use shortcuts when creating passwords and NEVER use what I call keyboard ‘worse’ words – keyboard combos that get hacked. It is time to stop using your dog/cat name plus a significant year, your hobby or anything related to you in a password. For most people, a hacker can figure out your password from Facebook.
  5. No data backups: The majority of people assume that their data is being backed up – this is a bad assumption. Backup your data and test your backups regularly. Backups are the best way to ensure that your data is safe. It is easy, relatively cheap and a bomber way safeguard your data. If you fail to backup your data – you will fail to have data.

Steven’s 5 points are on target and I agree – ‘Take action today.’ In celebration of Cybersecurity Awareness month, take action by creating new daily routines, these new daily routines will create new secure online habits and practices.

Here are 3 things I do daily:

  1. Check my Backups: Did my files backup last night and/or am I actively backing up critical company data? If not, i do it now.
  2. I browse my Email for odd ducks: Do I have any suspicious emails that I need to deal with? If so, delete and move on.
  3. I check the news for new data breaches: Was I part of any new breach last night or this morning that requires me to change a password? If so, I go and update my passwords.

Put on your cyber seat-belt every day and change the odds! Stay safe, protect what’s yours and protect your mission.


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