A Quick Look at Sarahah For Parents

Sarahah is an app that tweens and teens are using to send each other anonymous ‘feedback.’

Often Sarahah is being used for cyberbullying. Here’s two reasons why kids are unsafe on the app:

  • Users are anonymous:
    • Unlike Instagram or Snap, Sarahah doesn’t require a trusted connection. Anyone can join and send messages. Leading to it becoming a breeding ground of cyberbullyng.
  • App doesn’t have age restrictions or rules of conduct:
    • Without guidelines or rules for use, it’s simply a free for all. Say anything, to anyone, at any time.

Should your kids be using Sarahah? The simple answer: No.

Anonymous feedback systems have their place, but not in the world of tweens or teens–there is just too much at risk. It’s important for parents to talk with their kids about apps such as Sarahah. Open lines of communication can make the difference in stopping cyberbullying early–and minimizing the impact on your child.

Here’s a quick tutorial for parents:

  • Visit a user’s URL
  • Post feedback in comment area and hit submit.
  • User hueyainc receives feedback and can choose to like your feedback or block sender.


Sarahah Hueya

You can leave feedback as an anonymous user OR as a registered user. User hueyainc sees:

Sarahah Hueya

User settings & remove account area:

Sarahah Hueya


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