A New Dimension of Human Protection

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Cloud-Based Security Software

Our Security Software mitigates the threat of identity theft, fraud, and cybercrime by identifying, removing, and reducing the amount of personally identifiable and descriptive data available about you and your family online–the data identity thieves and hackers use to steal identities, assets, and reputations.

Security Dashboard

It’s about being proactive. Your Dashboard is home to a broad overview of your online exposure. It’s where you begin to understand how at-risk you are to identity theft and fraud. Your Dashboard begins with a Hueya Score (your risk assessment) and breaks down which factors are leading to this risk.

Privacy & Security Tools

It’s about prevention. The next step is lowering your exposure. Our safety tools are built to walk you through the steps to raise your Hueya Score and improve your online safety. We also show what personal information is high, medium, or low risk so you know what is most important to delete.

Alert Monitoring & Reporting

Once your online exposure is improved, it’s important to monitor your social media to ensure your risk level doesn’t change inadvertently. Your online world is a living entity as you add new information through posts and pictures. Monitoring is key to remaining safe over time.

Dark Web Monitoring

Get nervous even thinking about the existence of the dark web? Hueya will monitor the dark web for your personal information and send alerts when necessary. It’s an added layer of security to keep your data safe.

Location Protection

Location data doesn’t just put your digital world at risk, but personal safety as well. Hueya’s location data tool shows you exactly where you are sharing this information and allows users to make appropriate adjustments.

Post Privacy

Do you know who can see what you post about your family on social media? A lot of personal and private information can be shared through pictures and posts. Hueya’s post privacy tools give you control over what you share.

Impostor Watch

Impostors setup shop on social media to take advantage of your friends, family, and relatives. Hueya Impostor Watch scans for potential impostors and makes sure that no-one is living your life in parallel.

Situational Awareness

Our proprietary Situational Awareness engine looks for patterns in our social world that could indicate cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, and other dangerous activity. You and your loved ones are the first to know when dangerous behavior might be putting you at risk so you can be proactive.

Social Magnetism

Our proprietary Social Magnetism engine watches for volatility within the digital world. Volatility can mean many different things. For example, significant upswings or downswings in followers and following can indicate social and emotional distress. These signals enable parents to stay plugged in and present.

Always Online and Always Aware

Our Security Software is always online and aware so you can unplug and rest easy. We are the worst nightmare for hackers. We are on alert–at all times.

Ready to Secure Your Online World?