Soon we’ll all spring forward, and with the change in time also comes a special season of travel: spring break. A time when parents, families, and college students descend upon beach towns all across the country.

With spring break’s arrival comes another timeless classic: the beach selfie.

On the surface these monuments to sun and fun are pretty harmless (and a great way to make friends and loved ones jealous), but there is also a dark side to vacation selfies.

What’s the risk?

The risk is two-fold.

First, posting a selfie while on vacation is essentially projecting to your social network (and often the entire world) that you aren’t home. So that anyone with access to a phone or laptop knows your house is an easy target.

Second, if you add a geo-location tag to your selfie while on vacation, you could also be risking your physical safety or that of your children.

No Beach Selfies?

Does this mean you shouldn’t head down to the beach and have fun with friends and family? Absolutely not. Does it mean you shouldn’t share with your social network? Nope.

It simply means taking extra steps to protect yourself and your home. A few of ways to do this include: waiting to post pictures until after you’ve returned from your trip, avoiding geotags, or posting your pictures so they are only available to small groups of people.

Spring/summer are coming and the winter blues are on their way out the door. Nobody is happier about this than Hueya, but we also want everyone to stay safe. So post your selfies, but be smart when you do it!