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Stranger Things, Hueya, and the Upside Down

There exists, beyond sight of most people, a digital underworld. A place where nefarious types exist in a seemingly lawless land of questionable pleasures and exploits.

It’s called the dark web, and speaking of it brings comparisons to the recent Netflix hit, Stranger Things, in which a place called the Upside Down is discovered. A place which has become a dark reflection of understood reality.

Much like this upside down world, the dark web is a place that looks like the reality you and I experience, but in which something isn’t quite right. Also like the Upside Down, the dark web is a place where things we hold dear are lost.

It can be pretty scary to imagine the existence of a dark web.

The anonymity, the buying and trading of dangerous goods, and the unknown of it all. How is there this thing which exists but I have no idea how to get there or what I might find if I did?

It’s odd even to image such an alternate reality.

It’s the reason Hueya implemented dark web tools into our software: because even as it seems a distant concern, our information is at risk right now on the dark web. Where it can be bought and sold and, most concerning, used to steal our identity or commit social cybercrime.

So what can you do to keep this from happening?

First, you can change your passwords regularly and use two-step verification whenever possible.

The big step, however, is using Hueya’s dark web scanner. Together, we can take measures to both protect your personal information and monitor the dark web in case something about you pops up in the Upside Down.


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