At 143 million Americans exposed, the Equifax breach is of epic proportions. The exposure includes social security numbers, banking information, drivers license data, birth dates and a wealth of credit related and personal information.

All of the information we protect and trust others to protect for us is now out in the will.

Imagine, anything you ever bought, the car you drive, your driver’s license and birth date and your banking information. A complete picture of who you are, all the way down to the nitty-gritty details. This breach does not discriminate and knows no boundaries–the rich and famous are now at risk as anyone else.

There is 50% chance that you are included in this breach.

To find out if you are part of the breach click here. If you are included in the breach (remember to check your kids!), you will get this notification (note, your date might be different):

If you are NOT in the breach, you will see:

If your information MAYBE in the breach, you will see:

This is the right response by Equifax, however, it does little to assuage or mitigate our fears and anxiety. The information is now in the wild and there is little they can do about it but respond to an incident. They are offering anyone in the breach their TrustedID Premier service but I am afraid this is a few days late and a dollar short. In fact, people have already lost all trust in Equifax.

Equifax has now opened you up to every single threat possible. Here are a few things to be aware of:
  1. Identity Theft/Impostors:
    • By knowing your birthday, social security number and address they can steal your identity or make an identity claim on your behalf
  2. Targeted phishing scams:
    • By knowing the make, model and year of your car they can send you fake but believable warranty, repair or recall notices
      • Watch your email closely and DO NOT respond or open any such emails
  3. Banking/Wire Fraud:
    • By knowing your banking information criminals can initiate a financial attack on you and your loved ones
      • Set new phone passwords and change your banking passwords

We are entering into a new dimension where your security and identity will be secured by the most relevant, unique, and timely information. This data set is the last bit of data that you do not want the thieves and hackers to have access to. That is were Hueya comes in.

Hueya is here to take care of you now. Our approach is different than other companies in that we help you manage and maintain a safe and healthy digital identity today and in the future. Our goal is to protect individuals and families from cybercrime.

We provide real-time monitoring of your online presence to see if anyone is using your information inappropriately. Our state-of-the-art software allows you to quickly scan social media, analyze your risk, make quick adjustments, and move on to other things while we continuously monitor your accounts to keep you and your family safe.

Here are a few additional safety tips for those impacted by the Equifax breach:
  1. Consider Freezing Your Credit:
  2. Your kids might also be part of the breach:
    • Verify and freeze their credit as needed
  3. Advise your family and friends when you are part of a breach:
    • Communicate with your family and friends and protect each other
  4. Be vigilant about what you share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram:
    • Relevant and timely data about you is important to protect
  5. Manage your friends and connections:
    • Review all of your friends/connections and watch for Fake Friends
  6. Share with targeted audiences–not everyone:
    • Create trusted groups and share with care to each one
  7. Monitor your accounts to find out if you show up in hacker databases:
    • Be the first one to know whether your username/password has been exposed
  8. Monitor the Dark Web to know when and if your information is being bought and sold.

The bottom line is that you need to take action now to protect yourself and your family from any blow-back from the Equifax breach.

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