Not long ago Hueya was at an event when a party-goer told us she’s afraid:

  • She’s afraid she’s sharing too much.
  • She’s afraid her high profile put her at greater risk.
  • She’s afraid of what she doesn’t know.

Fear of Losing Control of Your Story

In talking with her, what we realized is her fear wasn’t just about sharing and its connection to social cybercrime and fraud. She was afraid of losing control of the story–of her story.

On the surface, it makes a lot of sense. Every time we post, geotag a location, connect an app to a social account, create a new social profile, visit a website, comment, like, or in any other way engage online we are telling a story. We’re creating a personal history (digital footprints, as we like to call them).

It’s a very natural human desire to see that story–our story–told truthfully. It’s also very human to fear having our story misused or mistold.

Take Control of Your Story

What we told our fearful friend that night was this: you can’t control your story by ignoring it. You can only control your story by engaging it through awareness, impact, and attention.

Taking control of your story requires understanding what puts you at risk (i.e. location data, privacy settings, etc.), making purposeful changes (i.e. remediating your risk areas to lessen danger), and remaining vigilant (i.e. being mindful each time you post or add info to a profile).

Behavior Changes One Step at a Time

Behavior change is complex. It takes weeks or months of daily, focused attention to change an old habit.

That’s a tall task for many of us in our busy lives, so the goal is to start small. Commit to removing all geotagged locations from your posts this week. Or do a scan of all your social profiles and ask yourself, “do I feel comfortable sharing this personal information with the world?”

Another easy solution is to purchase Hueya. The purpose of our software platform and personalized services is to help users tackle the complexity of controlling their story. Hueya is the next layer of protection you need to keep yourself and your story safe.

It’s your life, control your story!


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