It’s National Online Safety Month and Hueya is here to tell you: it’s possible to make yourself (and your family) safer online. And it won’t take your every waking hour to do so.

Online safety isn’t about perfection, but diligent improvement. Online safety is all about taking small steps with each step making you a more difficult target. Hackers don’t like difficult targets and are more likely to move on.

This being said, there are three essential steps to sharing safely online:

  • Insure you aren’t oversharing personal information:
    • With one click, Hueya’s software provides a Hueya Score, quantifying your online safety and exposure.
  • Adjust social accounts and sharing habits for better security:
    • Post Images with Care: Lots of info can be inferred from photos
    • Delete Personal Info: Email address, hometown, workplace, education
    • Don’t Tag Locations: Location data means physical risk
    • Don’t Post Publically: Set accounts so only followers can see posts
    • Monitor Post Comments: Others can share your personal info
    • Post with Care: Where and how much you share matters
    • Don’t Overshare: The more you share, the higher your risk
    • Use Complex Passwords: Use full sentences with punctuation
    • Beware of Impostors: Impostors will try to scam friends and family
    • Beware of Fake Friends: Don’t accept requests from unknown people
  • Ensuring Devices and Accounts are Secured:
    • Set-up two factor authentication
    • Set strong, unique passwords

If you’d like to learn more about ways to share and connect online more safely, download our infographic by clicking the button below. It has a ton of useful information about online security and what’s putting users at risk!

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