Compliance is not easy but it is often mandatory. Our founder, Lewis Howell, published a piece on The Compliance & Ethics Blog that outlines the risks associated with holiday scams and how to prepare and combat this threat.

“Who knew that getting a great deal on snowflake socks or yoga mats could put your organization at risk? It’s that time of year when the shopping frenzy is upon us. The holidays put everyone at a heightened risk for online scams, scareware, and phishing attempts. Your employees could be the perfect targets for cyber criminals to use phishing scams to infiltrate your company with malware or worse. Up to 95 percent of all attacks on enterprise networks are the result of successful spear phishing, according to a study by SANS.

Cyber criminals are lurking in the wings, and will strike and scam and spoof consumers via phishing techniques, because your employees are abuzz with high cheer and low guard—and are likely clicking and shopping during work hours. More than 75 percent of organizations allow access to social”…Continue reading at The Compliance & Ethics Blog